Use your phone by face

Hey guys,use phone with the help of your face is an interesting thing because of we don’t need to touch our phone for using anything,like for using whatsapp,or playing games,or for accessing internet it is very helpful .This is very help full for college students as well as school students because of everyone want to use phone all the time like in classes, gym and so many other places because in case of using phone by your hands infront of your teacher is bad idea but if we use our phone by our face no one can imagine about this is the best app. This is not my app i just searched this app from google for using our phone by face and this is very helpful to me and now i decided to tell you about this app.

Now I show you how to run your Android by using your face-

Step 1-

Firstly you have to download an app called EVA FACIAL is very interesting and good app i use this app so many times.

For downloading CLICK HERE.
Step 2-

Now install and open EVA FACIAL MOUSE app.

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Step 3-

Now click on open accessibility settings.

And click on ok button.

Step 4-

Now allows all the permission to EVA FACIAL MOUSE App .

Step 5-

Now use your phone with your face without touching phone.

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