Turn android into mac os

We all wants to give a new look to our phone and we all love the look of mac os so why not we convert our android phone into mac os look,yes you can change out your device look into Mac operating system. It looks same like any Mac runs.it is an easy process and the main thing is that it doesn’t want rooted phone.

Android OS is a Linux-based platform for mobile phones. Android was released under the Apache v2 open source license. Android was developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a coalition of hardware, software and telecommunications companies.

The family of Macintosh operating systems developed by Apple Inc. includes the graphical user interface-based operating systems it has designed for use with its Macintosh series of personal computers since 1984, as well as the related system software it once created for compatible third-party systems.In 1984, Apple debuted the operating system that is now known as the “Classic” Mac OS with its release of the original Macintosh System Software. The system, rebranded “Mac OS” in 1996, was preinstalled on every Macintosh until 2002 and offered on Macintosh clones for a short time in the 1990s. Noted for its ease of use, it was also criticized for its lack of modern technologies compared to its competitors

Now i will tell you how it happens-

Step 1-
Firstly you have to download Leena Desktop UI app on your Android phone,For download CLICK HERE


Step 2-
After installing open the app and allow the permissions it asks to you.

Step 3-
Whenever you grants permissions to the app, it will make your Android screen just like Mac OS.

Step 4-
Now, you can use your mobile like Mac.


Step 5-
If you wants to get back on your Android look, just open it’s Settings and click on Quit.

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