Change Mobile View into Computer View

Hey Guys,

Now a days all we want to convert our mobile look into computer look so today i show you how we can convert our mobile phone view into computer. Its a very cool trick. after this trick your phone will look like a computer. you can do all task in mobile same as computer .

Lets Start the trick

Step 1 – First of all you have to download ANDROMIUM OS. For Download Click Here.

Step 2 – Now Install it and open it .

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Step 3 – after opening the app an popup will appear now you have to select OK. after selecting ok you have to select Andromium OS from usage access options. and then permit usage access to Andomium OS.

Step 4 – Now For Accessing all the notification in computer theme you have to give notification access to the app.

Step 5 – Now go to notification bar and select Andomium OS . and its all set now your mobile screen is converted into Computer screen.

Thank you!!!!