Misscall bomber

Hey guys today i have an interesting hack for you , today i give you a very exciting prank,in this prank i show you how we prank with our friends by misscall bomber we sent unlimited number of calls to victim and he/she was shocked .In this prank you call your friends unlimited times and he cant able to attend calls and at last he see only unlimited misscalls.Miss Call Bomber, in which you can bomb your Friend’s Mobile Numbers by Giving Random Miss calls again and again. This Bomber, is Exclusively Powered By Hackduniya, for their Users, in which you can Make Fun with your friends, by giving them miss calls.misscall bomber help you to save yourself from girlfriend like you forget to call her then the work of takzang is started  now you enter your girlfriend  number and start after sometime your girlfriend see n number of misscall and she shocked,now lets enjoy this trick.

Now i show you how we gives 10000 no. Of misscall-

Step 1-

Firstly,You have to download an app called tak zang ,for downloading CLICK HERE.

Step 2-

Now install Takzang and open it .

Step 3-

Now click on start,then enter victim number.

call catcher  is used for accept any type of call like any friend want to prank with you by misscall bomber the you use call catcher for accepting every small misscall .

Step 4-

Now enter misscall number.then enter misscall duration.

And click on next.

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Call is going in the background you have to hear the sound of outgoing call.

For exit the call click on the screen.


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