Lock your android apps by volume keys

Hello everyone , security of your phone is a good thing but secure your phone with volume buttons is the best thing.yes today i tell about the LOCKING and unlocking of your phone by volume buttons.In this hack there is no pattern lock no password lock.there is only volume lock.Volume lock is a secure way for your phone because of no one imagine about this lock.In the app screen nothing will show but the lock was enabled and without pressing the pattern of  your volume key lock.this will also helps you to save your text documents like notepad,keep and so on.you will  also lock your gallery by applying this lock by this lock your gallery wants password every time .your gallery appears black nothing will show you can say your phone is hanged so it cant open .

Now i show you how we lock your Android apps by volume keys-

Step 1-

Firstly we have to download an app called oops app lock.For downloading CLICK HERE.

Step 2-

Now install and open it.

Step 3-now swipe it to last page and click on setup password.

Step 4-

Now setup the password by clicking on 2,3,4,5 times like i click on 3 then i have to press 3 times up or down button.

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Step 5-

Now enter recovery questions for your help in case of forgetting the password.

Step 6-

Now the k note screen is open type anything which you want to display.and then press your password for open app lock menu.

Now click on the app in which you want to use this volume lock.

ENJOY !!!!

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