Create NAMELESS Folder

HEY GUYS,This is a trick about making a new folder without any name.this is used for pranking your friends .I like this trick because i show this trick to my so many friends and they shocked and say how it happens plz explain.this trick gives you a folder without any name,I think you think you do this trick by giving spaces for making nameless folder but its not work without any alphabet .this trick helps you to surprise your friend,girl showing this trick the folder have not any name there are only spaces in the folder name.

folder is a virtual location where programsfiles, and other folders can be located. Computers with an AppleMicrosoft Windows, or other GUI operating system have folders to help users store and organize their files and are accessed using a File Manager. The picture shows an example of what a folder with files looks like in Microsoft Windows.

Now i show you how we make NAMELESS folder-

Step 1-
Make a NEWFOLDER on desktop or where ever you want.

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Step 2-
Right click on this newly created folder and select RENAME.AND Erase the text showing “New Folder”.


Step 3-
Now keep pressing alt key and type 255.

Step 4-
After that leave alt key and Press enter.
Now your NAMELESS folder will created.



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