Basics of Web Designing & Web Development

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Today i am telling you Something about Coding not about Hacking. The topic of today is very interesting as you all know is all about hacking and coding stuff so today i will tell you some basics of coding. Basics of coding is like what is coding? , what is web designing? and What is Web Devlopment? so now lets start the topic with Coding.

Coding(Programming) – Coding is very use full in terms of any electronic device because for interacting or working with any electrical device we need to code, because electronic devices can’t understand Human languages they only know machine languages and with the help of coding we can talk with those devices easily. The Coders are also known as Web developers, designers and programmers . Coding is used for converting human language to machine language and machine language to human language. Coding is also used for making calculators , android application , websites , software’s , games and so many other things. Coding is also used for Hacking . Some basics coding languages are – JAVA,PHP,JAVA SCRIPT,HTML,CSS,C,C++ .

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Web Designing – As we all know now a days all business(Big as well as small business) have their own website. so for making these website we need WEB DESIGNER . Web designer’s use their creativity as well as knowledge for making a website cool and attractive. Due to these website’s business are growing faster as of offline like Amazon,Flipkart. There are so many languages used for Web Designing but i personally refer you HTML,CSS, JAVA SCRIPT. Web designers are also known as Front end Developers. they Design User Interface of any website. web designer only works on client-side code. Now a days there are also so many frameworks available for making websites like bootstrap.

Web Development – Web Development is done by Web Developer‘s. Web designer’s creates the layout for any website and web developers are used for giving functionality to those website with respect to database and servers. Web Developers are most demanding now a days . Web Development works on Server side code. Some Development languages are PHP,Java,MYSQL. Available frameworks for PHP is WordPress .now a days WordPress is very popular CMS. PHP is widely used in Web Development there are too many websites which are builds in PHP .

You can also learn these languages in detail using UDEMY or there are so many other online learning websites . if you want me to add full tutorial of programming languages then put the programming language in the below comment section.

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