How to Check Phone History

Hey Guys, This is Himanshu Kumar ,follow me on Instagram and be the part of HemuVirus . Also subscribe the website for getting new new hacking and coding tricks. Today i am back with a new new hack . In this digital era we all are using android phones which plays a very important role […]

Send Mail using PHP Mailer(SMTP) and Mail function in PHP

Hello All, I am back with a new new topic, which is very user full for a WEB DEVELOPER , Yes Sending mail with the help of PHP MAILER(SMTP) and Mail Function in PHP is the most use full part while developing a website .This topic helps you to send mails to users while using […]

Change Mobile View into Computer View

Hey Guys, Now a days all we want to convert our mobile look into computer look so today i show you how we can convert our mobile phone view into computer. Its a very cool trick. after this trick your phone will look like a computer. you can do all task in mobile same as […]

Basics of Web Designing & Web Development

Hey Guys, Today i am telling you Something about Coding not about Hacking. The topic of today is very interesting as you all know is all about hacking and coding stuff so today i will tell you some basics of coding. Basics of coding is like what is coding? , what is web designing? […]